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Tadpole Pupil, Case presentation, diagnosis, examination and management

Tadpole Pupil

Tadpole Pupil case report A 33-year-old lady presented complaining of an intermittently irregular right pupil. The pupil distortion usually lasted for a few minutes and, despite being painless, was often accompanied by a vague change in periocular sensation. The symptom occurred sporadically, sometimes with several weeks in between episodes, but occasionally happening several times on […]

Christmas tree cataract

Christmas tree cataract

A 60 years old female presented for a routine eye check-up. Her best-corrected visual acuity was 6/6 in both eyes. Slit-lamp examination after pupillary dilatation displayed vivid multi-colored glistening opacities in the otherwise clear lens of her left eye (Fig. 1A). A magnified view using direct focal illumination revealed a spectacular array of polychromatic needle-shaped […]

Slit lamp smartphone photography uses, benefits and methods using Slitlamp smartphone adaptor

Slitlamp smartphone adaptor

Smartphone slit-lamp photography is the new advancement in the field of science and technology in which the photographs of the desired slit-lamp finding can be taken with the smartphones by using the slit-lamp adapters. Uses of smartphone slit-lamp photography The smartphone slit-lamp photography allows for photo documentation of any ocular pathology. It has a full […]

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