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A retina checkup to the cat, boji by smartphone !!

Animals suffer from eye problems that are similar to those which affect humans. These problems include cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, corneal ulceration, tumors of the eye, eyelid defects, inflammation of the eye and surrounding tissues, retinal degeneration, and many others. Owners may notice a loss of vision, a change in appearance of the eye, discharge, […]

Tadpole Pupil

Tadpole Pupil, Case presentation, diagnosis, examination and management

Tadpole Pupil case report A 33-year-old lady presented complaining of an intermittently irregular right pupil. The pupil distortion usually lasted for a few minutes and, despite being painless, was often accompanied by a vague change in periocular sensation. The symptom occurred sporadically, sometimes with several weeks in between episodes, but occasionally happening several times on […]

Roth Spots, Case presentation, causes, examination and management

Roth spots case report A 46-year-old man presented with a four-week history of progressive bilateral visual loss. He also reported malaise, fever, anorexia, and night sweats, and had lost 14 kg in weight. He denied any history of exposure to HIV-related risk factors. Visual acuities at presentation were 6/36 in each eye with quiet anterior […]

Christmas tree cataract

A 60 years old female presented for a routine eye check-up. Her best-corrected visual acuity was 6/6 in both eyes. Slit-lamp examination after pupillary dilatation displayed vivid multi-colored glistening opacities in the otherwise clear lens of her left eye (Fig. 1A). A magnified view using direct focal illumination revealed a spectacular array of polychromatic needle-shaped […]

smartphone slit-lamp photography

Smartphone slit-lamp photography is the new advancement in the field of science and technology in which the photographs of the desired slit-lamp finding can be taken with smartphones by using the slit-lamp adapters. The smartphone slit-lamp photography allows for photo documentation of any ocular pathology. It has a fully embedded system capable of storing and […]

How to get Choroida Slitlamp Adaptor

To get choroida Slitlamp Adaptor, just follow these few steps: 1.Visit and choose choroida innovative products. 2.Choose Slitlamp adaptor – variable sizes. 3.From the eyepiece list, choose between two options (10X or 12X,12.5X). ** Please Check your SL eyepiece before making this purchase. Eyepieces are either 10X, 12X or 12.5X. ** 4. Click add to […]

Retinal imaging by your smartphone

Smartphone Fundus Camera : Retinal imaging by your smartphone

The most critical aspect of eye care practice is the Fundus examination. Fundus photography is superior to fundus analysis as it enables intraocular pathologies to be photo captured and encrypted information to be shared with colleagues and patients. Recent technologies allow smartphone-based attachments and integrated lens adaptors to transform the smartphone into a portable fundus […]

retina imaging by fundus Explorer

How to get Choroida fundus explorer

To get choroida fundus explorer, just follow these few steps:  1.Visit and choose choroida innovative products. 2.Choose Fundus Explorer suitable with indirect fundus lenses. 3.From the lens list, choose between two options (with built-in 22D lens or without lens). 4.From the compatibility list, choose which lens you want your device to be compatible with […]

How to use a slit lamp

Slit lamp Exam: how to use a slit lamp to check all aspects of eye

Slit lamp exam is the most important part to detect any abnormality or disease during eye examination.  How to do a slit lamp exam Patient should be positioned comfortably with his chin resting on chin rest and forehead opposed to head rest. The height of the table housing the slit lamp should be adjusted according […]

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