Turn regular slit lamp into digital slit lamp​

Importance of digital eye exams

LOWEST COST to digitalize eye checkups

Digital Slit lamp
4000$ USD
Optical attachment to slit lamp
1800$ USD
Smartphone adapter to slit lamp
< 100$

Lets compare different devices

A closer look on slit lamp adapter

Look on its efficiency

Smartphone compatibility

Compaticle with any smartphone that has a camera 8MP or higher.. even smartphone with multiple camera setup.

Slit lamp compatibility

Compatible with most slit lamp oculars "eyepiece" like : 10X, 12X, 12.5X, 15X, 16X

Some stats. about this adapter

How to get it?

Slit lamp adapter

$ 99
  • choose your slit lamp eyepiece
  • Add to cart and proceed to checkout
  • enter shipping info & complete payment
  • wait your package in 5 days