You won't believe that

These fundus images were captured with smartphones and 20D lens

How this even possible ??

We have developed this tool that turn any smartphone into fundus camera literally.

It attaches 20D lens to the phone on a specific distance. 

So the phone camera, lens and flash light combined together form a complete system to view the retina on the phone screen.


Why use this tool instead of indirect ophthalmoscope ??

ophthalmologists and eye care professionals tend to use indirect ophthalmoscope on their daily practice. 


it consumes time and efforts.. this tool don’t.

let’s check more benefits that fundus explorer offers : 

How it works ??

Fundus exam recorded in video

11 reviews for Choroida Fundus Explorer


it is the lowest cost device for fundus examinations.

All Smartphones with minimum requirments :

8MP Camera
Flash light

We have delivered this item to 1700 ophthalmologists in 68 different countries.

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Estimated delivery time : 5-7 business days.

Yes, This package contain a professional 20D lens.

Choroida Fundus Explorer with 20D Aspheric lens – compatible with other fundus lenses – fundus examination

  • Simple, easy & affordable
  • Compatible with all mobile phones
  • 3D Printed 
  • Portable
  • Light weight 60gm
  • Compatible with many fundus lenses
  • Depend on Mobile led flash light

**this package includes 20D Aspheric lens **


This bundle worth 437.99 USD
This bundle worth 437.99 USD

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