Fundus images by "Smartphone & 20D lens"

How ?

We have developed this device that turns any smartphone into fundus camera literally.

It attaches 20D lens to the phone on a specific distance. 

So the phone camera, lens and flash light combined together form a complete system to view the retina on the phone screen.

Mobile Fundoscopy

Why Should every ophthalmologist start using it ?

Eye care professionals tend to use direct ophthalmoscope for its portability and indirect ophthalmoscope for a wide FOV. 

In our case, smartphone fundoscopy is a portable device that shows wide FOV


Digital documentation and digital follow up are great side benefits of smartphone fundoscopy.

Mobile Fundoscopy

How it works ?

Featuring on AAO

Retina detachment captured on smartphone screen in a video

Reviews of doctors who are using Fundus Explorer

Smartphone fundoscope versions

Fundus Explorer: 
– Compatible with single camera phones
– 20D is required

Fundus Explorer PRO:
– Compatible with iphones
– Built-in LED 
– Built-in 22D Lens

Smartphone Fundoscope - best seller

Fundus Explorer + professional 20D lens

Choroida Fundus Explorer with 20D Aspheric lens – compatible with other fundus lenses – fundus examination

(13 customer reviews)
  • Simple, easy & affordable
  • Compatible with all mobile phones
  • 3D Printed 
  • Portable
  • Light weight 60gm
  • Compatible with many fundus lenses
  • Depend on Mobile led flash light

**this package includes 20D Aspheric lens **
**Perfect compatibility with single camera phones. For multiple camera phones we recommend Fundus Explorer PRO

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This bundle worth 437.99 USD

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