Slit lamp smartphone photography uses, benefits and methods using Slitlamp smartphone adaptor

Slitlamp smartphone adaptor

Smartphone slit-lamp photography is the new advancement in the field of science and technology in which the photographs of the desired slit-lamp finding can be taken with the smartphones by using the slit-lamp adapters.

Uses of smartphone slit-lamp photography

The smartphone slit-lamp photography allows for photo documentation of any ocular pathology.

It has a full embedded system capable of storage and analysis of ocular images.

The images and videos can be directly transmitted from the phone via the wireless telecommunication.

It helps in communication between eye care professionals to discuss a particular pathological case.

It plays a key role in keeping up the patient records and in-patient education.

It is useful in recording videos especially fundus and gonioscopy, specular photographs.

Methods of attaching the smartphones to slit lamp

 1. Barehanded Smartphone Slit-lamp Photography

you can take photos with smartphone without the adapters. Just steady hands are needed.

  • Patient should be comfortably seated
  • Explain him the procedure.
  • Start with mild to moderate diffuse illumination.
  • Magnification should be least
  • Look through the eyepiece and bring the area of interest into focus.
  • Take your phone in your left hand with the camera on left
  • Slowly move the smartphone toward the eyepiece until the distance b/w the eyepiece and camera lens is around 1-2 cm
  • Adjust the view by moving the camera position in all three axes until you get a sharp bordered circle image.
  • Hold steady and increase the magnification of slit-lamp to the desired level.  And take photograph.


  • With increasing magnification, the depth of focus reduces and the image may go out of focus. In this situation you have to refocus the image again and again with slit-lamp.
  • It’s not easy to capture the best retina image while holding the lens by hand.
  • It is very difficult to take fundus photographs on slit-lamp without adapters.

 2. Slitlamp smartphone adaptor

Although the smartphone photography can be done with bare hands. But this method requires steady hands and are troublesome to some extent. The alternatives are  adapters. These are available to buy online at our website. They make it easier to do smartphone slit-lamp and surgical photography and video recording through the eyepiece of microscopes.

These adaptors have two parts:

  • One part holds the smartphone from the sides,
  • The other part fixes onto the eyepiece of the slit-lamp.

When fixing, the adapter to the slit-lamp leave a gap of 1-2 cm between the eyepiece and the camera lens. Once the lenses are grossly centered, open the camera and do fine adjustment to get a sharp circle of view through the eyepiece and take a photograph.

Choroida Slitlamp Smartphone Adaptor

The Choroida slit-lamp adaptors are available online at

  • These are available in variable sizes.
    • 10x eyepiece adaptor
    • 12x eyepiece adaptor
  • Simple, easy & affordable
  • Suitable for all mobile phones
  • Suitable for heavy devices like tablets
  • 3D Printed
  • Portable , light weight
  • Block flash light to depend on slit-lamp lightening only.

Images taken by our Slitlamp smartphone adaptor

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