A retina checkup to the cat, boji by smartphone !!

Animals suffer from eye problems that are similar to those which affect humans. These problems include cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, corneal ulceration, tumors of the eye, eyelid defects, inflammation of the eye and surrounding tissues, retinal degeneration, and many others. Owners may notice a loss of vision, a change in appearance of the eye, discharge, pain, or a combination of these symptoms. Most cases seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist are referred by a general practice veterinarian. This individual is in the best position to provide an initial examination and determine if a referral to a specialist is indicated.

Vision in general is complex and involves many environmental and anatomic factors.

Cat’s eyes function quite similarly to our human eyes but they have differences due to their anatomy that make their vision slightly different in some aspects.

The previous concept is the cornerstone for building a smartphone fundoscope for animals like dogs, cats and horses.

What’s smartphone fundoscope?

A device which turns any smartphone into fundus camera.. a whole retina checkup for the animal can be fulfilled by only smartphone.

Animal’s vision always depend on many factors like, condition of cornea, lens and retina..

cornea and lens lesions are always checked by portable slit-lamp while the retina is mostly missed due to difficulty of its examination. also the lack of indirect ophthalmoscope and that hustle of bringing in the animal and set it for examination.

Retina Checkup is now possible than ever. easier than ever..

the smartphone fundoscope offer the portability, the low cost and the best practice for ophthalmology vets.

let’s explain more;


The device requires only attaching the smartphone to it, less than 100gm weight, 20cm long & no wires at all.

Lowest Cost

That concept of turning smartphone into fundus camera has been developed to replace indirect ophthalmoscope hustle and save 70% of budget!

the device uses smartphone gear and turn it to a 4k camera that visualize the retina on smartphone screen. record the whole exam in video mode.

Best Practice

Capturing images of retina and record the whole exam of retina,, the device adds a great value to the exam. allowing the Vet. to explain the condition more perfectly to the animal owner.

offer the best way for follow up a retina : capture it.. wait for the treatment to do its magic.. capture it again.. compare both retina images.

How smartphone fundoscope works ?!

The device consists of a light source, 22D lens and attachment ring for the smartphone..
Once the phone is attached, the light source will be turned on automatically.
smartphone fundoscope

lets see how it work on human eye “typical as animal eyes”

You need to dilate the animal pupil before examining its retina

A retina checkup for a cat, his name is boji

Boji’s retina was examined using fundus explorer pro using iPhone XR

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