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smartphone slit-lamp photography

Smartphone slit-lamp photography is the new advancement in the field of science and technology in which the photographs of the desired slit-lamp finding can be taken with smartphones by using the slit-lamp adapters. The smartphone slit-lamp photography allows for photo documentation of any ocular pathology. It has a fully embedded system capable of storing and […]

How to get Choroida Slitlamp Adaptor

To get choroida Slitlamp Adaptor, just follow these few steps: 1.Visit choroida.com and choose choroida innovative products. 2.Choose Slitlamp adaptor – variable sizes. 3.From the eyepiece list, choose between two options (10X or 12X,12.5X). ** Please Check your SL eyepiece before making this purchase. Eyepieces are either 10X, 12X or 12.5X. ** 4. Click add to […]

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