Fundus Explorer – Quick Guide

Fundus Explorer requirement :

    • Smartphone with a good camera
    • Fundus Explorer tool itself
    • 20D – 28D lens
    • Dilating eye drops

How to install Fundus Explorer

How to use Fundus Explorer

First use of fundus Explorer

Any ophthalmic device / tool needs to practice on for a while before using it efficiently.

So you need to practice first on :

      • Young adults
      • No refractive errors
      • No media opacity
      • Healthy retina
      • Cooperative patients

At least 10 practices is needed to start using the tool with any other patient

Patients agreement is a matter of your concern

Tips to a better experience using Fundus Explorer

      1. Start from 30-40 cm away
      2. Make sure that you see the red reflex within the lens apparatus
      3. Start approaching the eye slowly and keep the red reflex within the lens apparatus
      4. Once the pupil has filled the scene, slow down and approach the eye very slowly till a part of retina is seen
      5. If you hold the lens part with your hand, it will be perfect to stabilize it by placing your little finger above the patient’s eye brow.

Previously examined with Fundus Explorer

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