Choroida photography package

Smartphone Funduscope

A device to be attached to an smartphone. for fundus / retina imaging.

Slit lamp adapter

Slit Lamp Adapter

Connect any smartphone to any slitlamp. which converts any slit lamp into photo slit lamp.

Fundus Explorer - quick guide

Fundus Explorer

Smartphone fundoscope that turns smartphones with single camera into portable fundus camera.The basic product of smartphone fundoscopes

smartphone adaptor for opthalmic surgical microscopes

Surgical Microscope Adapter

Connect any smartphone to sugical microscope.


Anastasija Cāzere
Anastasija Cāzere
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Light source is very good and my patient felt comfortable with it, i didn't need to turn the phone flash on. Easily handled and compatible perfectly with my iPhone 12 pro
Ahtunowhiho Kiowa
Ahtunowhiho Kiowa@username
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Excelente, rápida y fácil instalación, todas mis preguntas fueron respondidas de manera inteligiblegracias equipo de Choroida
Gregg D. Steiger
Gregg D. Steiger
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Good input for ophthalmology . you can use this innovation to help patients at far distances from the center that can give treatment for retina conditions